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Protected by the Santa Lucia Mountains and rocky cliffs, the Big Sur coast includes the largest and most pristine coastal wildlands in central and southern California. In the center of this area, the University of California Natural Reserve System and the University of California at Santa Cruz operate the Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve. Directly adjacent to the terrestrial reserve are two state marine protected areas: the Big Creek State Marine Reserve and the Big Creek State Conservation Area, which are administered by the California Department of Fish and Game.

In addition to protecting these natural areas, the purpose of the reserve is to support university teaching, research, and public service (see mission statement). This combination of programs and protected habitats is unique, and the reserve continues to make important contributions to our knowledge of wild coastal ecosystems.

General Information
Description: facts, maps and reserve facilities.
Applications: You must fill out an application to use the reserve.
Resources: Species lists, bibliographies, publications and other resources.
Scuba diving and boating: Access to the Big Creek State Marine Reserve.
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Give to Big Creek by downloading a donation form. Or you can go directly to the online giving site. Your help is much appreciated.

Items of Special Interest
Visit the Big Creek Blog to see current and archived news, photos and natural history observations.

Our public "Open House" on

July 30, 2016 has been cancelled due impacts of the Soberanes Fire


Forged by Fire: Lightening and Landscape at Big Sur. Read the October 2009 article about Big Sur wildfires in Bay Nature Magazine.

See photos of Mountain Lions and California Condors captured by motion detection cameras.
View Virtual Reality Panoramas from various locations around Big Creek.
Interactive Habitat Schematic: Includes descriptions, species lists and a map of Big Creeks's vegetation communities.
Watch the PBS documentary, Living Edens: Big Sur-California's Wild Coast


Our Reserve Manager is Mark Readdie and the Reserve Stewards are Feynner Arias and Sean McStay.

58801 Highway 1
Big Sur, CA 93920
Phone: 831.667.2543


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