Directions for on-line application forms

 New Application

If you are a prospective applicant wishing to visit the reserve, you should first access the NRS Application site, read the guidelines and choose Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve from the list of reserves. College and University-level Class Instructors should fill out a "class" form, researchers should fill out a "research" form, and all others should fill out a "public service" form. You will be asked to provide your name, contact information, institutional affiliation, and a password. Later, if you or your associates need to re-open the form and make changes, you will need to remember the name and password that was used used to make the original application. After your application has been completed, you will make a reservation to visit the reserve by submitting an "reservation".

 Add an "reservation" (make reservation) Under an Existing Application

First, check your desired dates on the calendar, found on the left side of the application page for Big Creek Reserve. If there is a conflict, try to choose a different date or contact the Reserve Director ( to discuss potential solutions. After doing this you should fill out an reservation form (see below). If you have visited the reserve recently (less than one year) under an existing application, and need to revisit the reserve to gather more data or carry out other approved activities, you need to fill out an "reservation" form for that trip. This can only be done if the reserve administrator has left your application form "open". If more that one year has elapsed since you submitted your original application form, we ask that you re-submit a new form with updated information.

Select "add reservation to open application." Then you will need to provide the name and password used to make the original application. After verifying the contact information you will select the original application. Then you will be presented with an "add reservation" form. After filling in the dates, purpose and other information, push "submit" and your request will be processed. After your application has been reviewed and approved by reserve staff, it will appear on the calendar on the NRS Application site for Big Creek. Each reservation is reviewed by Reserve staff on a weekly basis. Please apply more than one week in advance of your reservation to ensure your reservation is processed by the desired date.