Big Creek Stream Photos

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Photos prior to September of 2000 may be found on the "fire2" and "fire3" pages, mixed in with photos of the fire and its effects on the reserve..

By September 25, 2000, the creek has dropped so as to expose the gravel and sand banks deposited by the winter post-fire runoff.


 This photo shows gravel deposits in Big Creek. Prior to the winter of 1999-2000, the stream bed was mainly boulders and stones with relatively little gravel or sand. 9-25-00

 This shows a pool that filled in enough to support a willow and other vegetation. A few years ago the creek went around to the other side of the willow. 9-25-00

 "Landels pool" on Big Creek. Before February of 2000 this pool was 3-4 feet deep. Now it is 1-2' deep and covered with gravel and sand. 9-25-00

 We had about 1.5 inches of rain on October_9-10, and the creek turned color. This is Big Creek above the gatehouse cabin. 10-10-00



 Devil's Creek was a little lighter in color than the Big Creek fork at right. 10-10-00

 The Big Creek fork above the confluence with Devil's Creek 10-10-00