Location: In the central Santa Lucia mountains
on the coast of Monterey county. 50 miles south of

Monterey; 20 miles south of Big Sur; 5 miles north
of Lucia; 2 hour drive from UC Santa Cruz.
Size: 1,557 ha (3, 848 ac) University-owned land.
Additional private acreage available for research.
Elevation Range: 0-1,220m (0-4,000 ft.)
Welcome to our tour of Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve. We appreciate your visit.......Big Creek Home  


Trail Maps

Travel Directions

The Gatehouse Area:

Please sign in at the reserve entrance upon arriving at Big Creek.

View of gate from the highway

Gatehouse, home of the Reserve Director
Visitor sign-in, library and parking lot

Researcher Facilities:

The Research Cabin at Whale Point

Whale Point from Dolan Ridge

Research cabin pano

Aerial view of Whale Point


Redwood Camp Highlands Camp





Big Creek Cove:

The cove is our principal access to the marine reserve.


looking south

Liam's Bridge rendition

Eagle trail


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More Facts:

Rugged coastal mountains. The exposed shore-
line consists of small beaches interspersed with
boulder fields and is bordered by vertical cliffs
200-300 ft. high. Narrow ridges wind from the
coastal headlands to the Santa Lucia crest,
separating deep V-shaped canyons with walls
that rise steeply out from streamside terraces.

36 degrees 1' 30" N to 36 degrees 5' 50" N

121 degrees 31' 26" W to 121 degrees 37' 3" W

Estimated annual means range from 39 in.
at the coast to 82 in. along upper ridges.

Three campgounds, research cabin, small
laboratory/library, limited parking for cars and buses, ocean
access for small boats.

Synoptic collections of plants, animals and
archaeological artifacts, aerial and
ground-based photographs, published
surveys of Reserve resources, computerized
climate -monitoring station.