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Post-fire Recovery at Big Creek, part VI

After February 14, 2003


By February, 2003 the lower reaches of the Dolan Ridge fireline had almost completely blended into the surrounding grasslands.


 This shows the helicopter landing pad atop the ridge, one of the most heavily impacted parts of the fireline. Now it is mostly revegetated with exotic annual and native perennial grasses, Somne thistles are still present, but no more than in some non-firrebreak areas. 2-14-03

 This may be most exposed and potentially erodable part of the fireline within the reserve. Even this steep slope has a covering of small annual lupine, and other annual plants, and shows no sign of gullying or channelling. 2-14-03

 As in the South Highlands of the reserve, these woods near Boronda Camp on the interior slopes of Dolan Ridge are thickly covered with Wild Pea (Lathyrus vestitus). 2-14-03

 In the redwood understory along Brunette Creek is a luxuriant stand of Oxalis oregona , Redwood Sorrel. 2-24-03


 The redwood understory of the 1999 burn area is now luxuriantly green, as seen in these two photos. 2-14-03
 In February 2003 we began an experimental set of treatments to reuce the thistle infestation in the fire retardant drop zones on Highlands Ridge. 2-26-03  These photos show the mowed areas just after the second mowing on 2-26-03. Above left is a control, non-mowed area delimited by markers.