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University of California, Santa Cruz Our administrative home is the UCSC Division of Physical and Biological Sciences
UC Santa Cruz Natural Reserves The UC Santa Cruz Natural Reserves program administers five reserves including Big Creek, Ano Nuevo Island, Younger Lagoon, Fort Ord, and the UCSC Campus Natural Reserve.
University of California Natural Reserve System The NRS, our parent organization, includes more than
thirty reserves in California. Part of the UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources (DANR), the NRS office is located in Oakland in the the UC Office of the President (UCOP).
Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve Our home page on the UCNRS web site
California Department of Fish and Game Co-managers of the Big Creek State Marine Reserve
Big Creek State Marine Reserve (formerly known as Big Creek Ecological Reserve) location information sheet
Big Creek State Marine Reserve (formerly known as Big Creek Ecological Reserve) fact sheet and analysis
Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary The ocean waters offshore are part of the MBNMS. The Sanctuary also coordinates and sponsors research, education, and conservation activities.
Hastings Natural History Reservation a neighboring NRS reserve to the north in Upper Carmel Valley. Hastings is an important research site.
The new Kenneth S. Norris Rancho San Marino Reserve is about 50 miles south of Big Creek, on the coast adjacent to the town of Cambria.
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