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6th meeting of the Santa Lucia Natural History Symposium at Esalen Institute!




 About 20 field researchers met at Esalen Institute on Saturday, February 3, 2001, to discuss their findings and other topics of interest. Here Art Hazebrook, a biologist working at Fort Hunter-Liggett, speaks to the group about his work. The purpose of the meeting is to get to know the full range of field research that takes place in our region, and for workers to get to know each other. The symposium also collects and maintains a bibliographic data base for work done in the region. For more photos see Santa Lucia Natural History Symposium page.


 Eupatorium Pull!




 UCSC intern Carly Boyd (L) and her crew of volunteer "Eupatorium pullers" after successfully clearing a patch along the Interpretive trail in the reserve. Thanks! For more photos see the volunteer pages. 1-20-01


 Fire Retardant Study






 UCSC student Erin Avery applies one quart of fire retardant to experimental plot on Highlands Ridge. The unsprayed control plot is a couple of meters to the east. Erin is investigating the effects of retardant on the growth of thistles and other grassland plants, both natives and exotic weeds. Last May we suffered a serious thistle invasion which may have been augmented by application of fire retardant. This is a senior thesis project sponsored by her advisor Ingrid Parker. 1-21-01


 Minnesota College visits the reserve




 Local historian Jeff Norman lectures a class from Gustavus Adelphus College, Minnesota about regional history and land use. Reserve manager John Smiley also lectured the class about reserve management and fire ecology. 1-19-01 film crew at Redwood Camp




A film crew came up from UC Irvine and interviewed California natural history expert Alan Schoenherr and reserve manager John Smiley. The film is being produced for web TV, and will be available on in April, 2001.


 New student intern




UCSC student Carly Boyd is doing an internship at Big Creek this quarter. Here she is (on left) with reserve steward Rohana Mayer. She plans to focus on exotic plant removal, land stewardship practices, and develop a project. 1-14-01 We just finished cleaning up the beach after the big storm of 1-11-01.



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