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Questions and Opportunities for Research and Education

Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve: A Window on the Big Sur Coast - a photo-essay highlighting research and educational opportunities at Big Creek.

Community and Regional Collaboration

Big Creek State Marine Reserve co-administered by: California Department of Fish and Game and the University of California Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve since 1993, and with history of protection since 1989. An important research site for studying the use of no-take marine reserves in fisheries management. We are investigating the possibility of enlarging the reserve to include deep-water habitats and a slightly longer strentch of coastline.

Big Sur Hook and Line Survey , a marine fish survey coordinated by the Big Creek Reserve manager, employing local commercial fishermen to record catch data. Includes fish species, lengths and weights in the months of September to March of 1991 through 1999.

Big Creek History Project In its beginning stages, this page is used to gather and display photographs and other information about the history of the Big Creek area.

Santa Lucia Natural History Symposium, meets periodically to discuss field research in the local region including Big Sur and the Northern Santa Lucia Mountains.

Big Sur Coast Highway Volunteer Roadkill Survey, a community volunteer-based effort to track and analyze roadkill along the Pacific Coast Highway in Big Sur. Coordinated with Caltrans and the Coast Highway Managment Plan.

Big Creek Slide 2000 and other highway revegetation projects Reserve-based project to revegetate slide material artifically placed along the highway adjacent to a slide that occurred in February, 2000.

Effects of Fire Retardant on Coastal Grasslands, a senior thesis project by UCSC student Erin Avery, examining the fertilizing effect of spraying "Phoschek" fire retardant during fire-fighting efforts.

K-12 Education Program includes teaching units and data sets developed by coordinator Kim Smiley.

Monitoring and Research Projects of Special Interest

The Partnership for Interdisciplinary Studies of Coastal Oceans (PISCO) is a long-term scientific research and training program dedicated to advancing the understanding of the marine ecosystems that that lie near shore along the US West Coast. PISCO principal investigators Pete Raimondi and Mark Carr (faculty at UCSC), have permanent study sites based in the Big Creek area; with intertidal sampling sites at Mill Creek and subtidal sampling sites within-and without the Big Creek Marine Reserve. See the PISCO web site for more information.

Fire Ecology and Post-fire Succession. Effects on habitats, vegetation and animal succession, and creek runoff and sedimentation.

Big Creek Stream Studies Big Creek is the subject of related surveys and studies, including water quality, stream flow, stream insects, and steelhead trout.

Sudden Oak Death Researchers from different institutions converge on Big Creek as a site to study the spread of the disease and observe its effects on habitats and organisms.

Big Creek Lepidoptera Survey a uniquely thorough and comprehensive look at biological diversity of a diverse insect taxon.

Prehistoric Human Ecology of the Big Sur Coast This project by Cal Poly San Luis Obispo archaeology professor Terry Jones, provides the most comprehensive look to date at the prehistoric cultures of the Big Sur Coast and adjacent inland valleys. Soon to be published by UC Press as "Contribution of the University of California Archaeological Research Facility #61", 295 pp.

Big Creek Weather Monitoring Project includes weather data since 1978, and more recently includes data from 5 sites within the reserve. The data is currently undergoing quality control and organization, but is currently available in excel files. Related data and models are being developed by UC Davis researcher Jeff Kennedy.

Current Project List, for a complete list of current projects.

Weather Monitoring Project

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