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 Fire Retardant Study



 UCSC student Erin Avery applies one quart of fire retardant to experimental plot on Highlands Ridge. The unsprayed control plot is a couple of meters to the east. Erin is investigating the effects of retardant on the growth of thistles and other grassland plants, both natives and exotic weeds. Last May we suffered a serious thistle invasion which may have been augmented by application of fire retardant. This is a senior thesis project sponsored by her advisor Ingrid Parker. For the text and results of Erin's thesis see NUTRIENT INPUT EFFECTS FROM FIRE RETARDANT ON EXOTIC SPECIES, SPECIES RICHNESS, AND SPECIES DIVERSITY IN A COASTAL CALIFORNIA GRASSLAND. 1-21-01

Photos of plots taken on 3-27-01
   plot 2 3-27-01
 plot 2 treament closeup 3-27-01  plot 2 treatment closeup 3-27-01

 plot 10 3-27-01

 plot 10 treatment closeup. Note vigorous thistle growth in this quadrat 3-27-01

 plot 10 control closeup. There are small thistles in this quadrat 3-27-01