Big Creek History Project

Currently incomplete, this page will be used to collect photos and other historical documents relating to the history of the reserve and the surrounding community.

Big Creek Gate Cabin. This cabin was built in about 1964. Will Shaw drew up the plans. Roland Hall and his family were the first to live in the cabin, followed by Horst and Rowena Mayer, who moved in arround 1970.


 Here is a picture taken in 2000 showing the gate cabin remodel, from a slightly different angle 7-16-00

 Here is an early photo of the gate cabin, Rohana thinks it might be from about 1974. The sauna is it the foreground; it was removed before 1977. Rowena wanted to build a weaving studio.


 Anne Scott's drawing of the gate cabin, made in about 1993, showing the "fog" room that John and Kim added to the deck in 1986.

A picture of the llamas in the yard, taken about 1978

  A photo of Horst Mayer standing on the Devil's Creek Flat suspension bridge (the "bouncy bridge"). Horst designed the bridge for Ed Landels.  

 Mayer girls in front of sceen house 1974. This was a garden house built in front of the shed or garage across from the gate cabin.

 Another view of screen house 1974

 Photos taken during construction of the Big Creek highway bridge. A winter flood and strong winds caused the scaffolding to collapse. No one was hurt. About 1937.  The temporary highway bridge is in the background. The bay trees and other features of the hillside are still in place in 2000.