Sixth Meeting

Santa Lucia Natural History Symposium

held at Esalen Institute, February 3, 2001


 Art Hazebrook, biologist at Fort Hunter-Liggett, talks to our group about his work. 2-3-01

 UCSC researcher Diane Thompson tells us about her work with bees.

 At lunch we ate at the Esalen lodge for a delicious meal. Big Creek steward Rohana Mayer surprised John Smiley with a birthday cake! 2-3-01

 We met in the attic of the art barn for the afternoon. During the morning we sat in a big circle in the dance dome. 2-3-01

 The group was very attentive and the meeting was extremely effective in accomplishing our goals. We'll do it again in October. 2-3-01

Watching a presentation. 2-3-01

Participant List
name specialty affiliation
Erin Avery plants UCSC
Steve Chambers Backcountry VWA
Kevin Cooper Wildlife Biologist USFS
Larry Ford botany private consultant
Steve Harper Naturalist Esalen
Grey Hayes Grasslands UCSC
Art Hazebrook* resource ecologist FHL
Jeff Kennedy botany UC Davis
Corky Matthews Botanist CNPS
Rohana Mayer coliform/ water qu. UCSC
Nikki Nedeff land conservation BSLT
David Nelson Veg. restoration Esalen
Jeff Norman Botanist private consultant
Lee Otter landscape ecology Coastal Commission
Carrie Pomeroy Fishing Survey UCSC
Don Roberson Birds Audubon Soc.
Alix Rogstad resource ecologist FHL
Will Satterthwaite plants UCSC
Jason Scott* birds VWS
John Smiley Insects UCSC
Diane Thomson* Bees UCSC
Tommy Williams steelhead NMFS
*afternoon speakers gave 30-60 minute presentations; all others gave 5-10 minute summaries of what they are doing or other topics of interest

Many thanks to:
Steve Harper for facilitating the meeting and reminding us of our goals and philosophy, David Nelson for working out the logistics with Esalen, Rohana Mayer for lots of office work and taking notes, to John Smiley for organizing the meeting and inviting participants, to Esalen Instutute for generously offering meeting space, meals, and positive energy for our group, to Big Creek Reserve for supporting the symposium before, during and after the meetings, and to all the participants who took time out of their busy lives to spend a day getting to know each other.