BIBLIOGRAPHY: Research Conducted in Northern
Santa Lucia Mountains, Big Sur, and surrounding areas.

 Approximately 1,300 references. Compiled from source bibliographies submitted to the Santa Lucia Natural History Symposium, sponsored by Esalen Institute and University of California Big Creek Reserve, 1994-1997.


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  Archaeology   General
  Arthropods   Geology
  Birds   Herps
  Fish   Mammals
  Fungi   Plants


This bibliography is available on floppy disk or as a downloadable file. Please contact John Smiley at Big Creek Reserve (408.667.2543) for more information.


Big Creek B_C UC Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve, Big Sur CA 93920. phone: (408) 667-2543
D. Chipping D_C Geology references, Monterey and San Luis Obispo counties, David Chipping
Hastings H UC Hastings Natural History Reservation, 38601 Carmel Valley Rd., Carmel Valley CA 93924. phone: (408) 659-2664
Jones 1&2 J_1 & J_2 Archeology references, Terry Jones
K. Danielson K_D USFS Botany References, Karen Danielson, USFS
Norman N History, geography, natural history articles written by Jeff Norman, Big Sur resident.
Powell P Insect references, Jerry Powell, UC Berkeley
Roberson R Bird references, Don Roberson
S_Simeon S_S Regional reference list compiled at Piedras Blancas by USFWS staff.
V. Jigour V_J Big Sur area references compiled by Verna Jigour