Resources of Information

Big Creek Reserve publications list. Survey publications, booklets, species lists, etc.; most are available for sale at the reserve
Species and Survey Lists may be viewed on-line, downloaded as excel files, or obtained at the reserve by contacting reserve staff.

Facilities, maps and description pages, habitats pages and special projects pages.
Annual Reports and Reserve Highlights 1992-present

Flora page, with species lists notes on specific plant species and fungi:
Flora Species Lists (incomplete, esp. for grasses and grassland exotics).
Bay Laurel Umbellularia californica
Sudden Oak Death disease (Phytophthora ramorum)

Fauna page, with species lists and surveys as well as notes on specific animal species:
Fauna species lists
Big Creek Lepidoptera Survey a uniquely comprehensive survey and tool for examining biological diversity
Notes on Harbor Seals (Phoca vitulina)
New Species of Arthropods a few of many waiting to be described.
Banana slug (Ariolimax sp.)
Steelhead trout (Onchorhynchus mykiss)

Publications based on research at Landels_Hill Big Creek Reserve:
Reference List 1978-2002 (references listed by year of publication)
Author List 1978-2002 (references listed alphabetically by author's name)

Regional Bibliography (1300 references, compiled in 1996 from bibliographies and materials generated by the Santa Lucia Natural History Symposia).

List of data sets associated with Big Creek Reserve (preliminary list of current data sets, more will be added in future) with description and contact information.
Santa Lucia Natural History Symposium notes
Nature Notes from Big Creek a monthly column of observations, notes, and essays written for the Big Sur community by former reserve manager John Smiley

Weather/climate data. We have files containing old weather records from the region, and weather station data starting in 1978. Currently we have 5 weather stations operating in the reserve.