Big Sur Coast Highway Roadkill Survey

List of Species Found on Highway
(a more detailed list may be found in the
excel data file)

code Larger Species #kills latin name(s)
L bobcat 8 Lynx rufus
L coyote 9 Canis latrans
L deer 70 Odocoileus hemionus
L gray fox 10 Urocyon cinereoargenteus
L opossum 19 Didelphis virginiana
L pig 3 Sus scrofa
L raccoon 34 Procyon lotor
L turkey 2 Meleagris gallopavo
code Smaller Species #kills
S bat 1
S house cat 2 Felis domesticus
S monarch 1 Danaus plexippus
S owl 4
S quail 3 Callipepla californica
S rabbit 77 Sylvilagus bachmani
S ringtail 3 Bassariscus astutus
S skunk 14 Mephitis mephitis
S small bird 19
S small mammal 5
S snake 35
S squirrel 74 Sciurus griseus or Spermophilus beecheyi

"squirrel" includes both tree- and ground squirrels
"snake" includes garter-, gopher-, king- and rattlesnakes
"small bird" includes jays, sparrows, and a crow