Scientific diving and boating in the

Big Creek Marine Reserve

Before you use boats or dive at Big Creek, you must file a project plan with the UC Santa Cruz Diving Safety Officer, Steve Clabuesch. He can be reached at 831 459-4286 or Steve is acquainted with diving conditions at Big Creek and can brief divers without local experience.

SCUBA Diving Emergencies:
You should always have first aid and oxygen kits at your entry and exit points. When faced with a diving injury, protect yourself and the injured from further harm, move to a safer location if necessary. Check the Airway, Breathing and Circulation of the injured - administer CPR/First Aid and Oxygen according to your training protocol.

If injury is LIFE THREATENING contact 911 - see additional emergency contacts below . These contact names and numbers should be with you at your dive site. Check and monitor injured diver's buddy for DCI signs or symptoms, treat as needed, again according to your training protocol.

If injury is not life threatening and emergency evacuation is not necessary, transport injured diver to Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula (CHOMP 831 624-5311) - it is on Highway 68 West just off of Highway 1. Call the hospital and let them know you are coming. Transit time is about 1 hour, have the injured diver remain on oxygen until you arrive at CHOMP. Additional oxygen bottles are in the Gatehouse Cabin if needed. During transport monitor the injured diver for shock and keep them as comfortable as possible. Notify the UCSC Diving Safety Officer of the incident within 24 hours by phone.

Big Creek number and Location: (831) 667-2543 , 5 miles north of Lucia and 20 miles south of Big Sur on State Highway 1, paddle marker 28.05. The Big Creek Bridge is the very long cement bridge with two full arches. The driveway is at the south end of the bridge. The entrance is not signed, but can be recognized by the metal "wave" gates.

Whale Point Steward (Feynner): 667-0208
Big Sur Health Center: 667-2580
Big Sur Volunteer Fire Brigade: 667-2113
USFS Pacific Valley fire station: 1-805-927-4211
Sheriff's Department: 647-7911
Willow springs Caltrans station: 1-805-927-4243
California Highway Patrol 1-372-8013
Poison Control Center: 1-800-662-9886