Weather Data & Information


Real Time Weather Data

Gatehouse (90' elevation)

Whale Point (600' elevation)

Highlands Peak (2500' elevation)

Mining Ridge (4760' elevation)

Big Creek Reserve has weather stations at Highlands Peak and at Whale Point that upload data to the web several times a day via satellite. Each station offers historical data and various summaries of wind speed, direction and gusts, temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation and precipitation. These data are provided courtesy of the Desert Research Institute and can be viewed on the Western Regional Climate Center's current weather data plots. Click on the "BCR" stations under the California/Oregon heading on that page.

Historical Weather Data from Big Creek

We also offer unedited meteorological data which are uploaded periodically from the gatehouse (GH), Redwood Camp (RW), Whale Point (WP), Highlands Ridge (HR) and Highlands Peak (HP). Our climate analysis page shows summaries of weather data from the reserve and analyzes differences between sites and over time. These summaries go through 2001 or 2003.

NOAA/NWS Weather Data

Central coast rainfall map (including Mining Ridge)

The California/Nevada River Forcast Center offers rainfall reports for selected stations. There is a raingage on upper Mining Ridge, which terminates at the confluence of Big Creek and Devil's Creek in the Reserve. They offer a map of 1hr, 6hr and 24 hr rainfall totals. There is also a"24 hour precipitation map archive" which you can use to see daily rainfall maps for chosen dates. Scroll down and make an Archived Map Selection.


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