Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve

Weather Data Summaries and Climate Comparisons

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The system of weather stations at Big Creek Reserve was designed to gather information about climate conditions in the different areas of the reserve. Understanding and measuring these differences is exceedingly complex, as climate is affected by topography, elevation, depth of the marine inversion layer, exposure to wind, and other factors. The first step in reaching an understanding, and ultimately modelling, these factors is to gather data over a long period of time, along a transect which spans the various climatic factors.

The tables and graphs presented here are an initial attempt to gather the relevant data from the individual stations, use cross-site comparison to further edit the data for quality control, and organize it in a graphical format that illustrates some of the differences through time (cycles of drought, for example) and across space (comparing temperatures above and below the marine layer, for example).

Air temperature comparison between the Gatehouse station (elev. 30') and the Highlands Peak station (elev. 2500')

Rainfall records since 1983 and Rainfall Comparison between low and high elevation